This department has chosen the 1st century BC as the era of ​​impression, the so-called Late Latene Period (120 – 15 BC). La Tene in Switzerland is an important discovery site in the Celtic world and therefore gave its name to the Latene period (450-15 BC).

This hobby is absolutely family-oriented and offers everyone the opportunity to get involved according to their inclinations, because whether they are unfree, farmers, craftsmen or warriors, everything is in demand.

The activities are complex, starting with visits to Iron Age open-air museums, continuing with experimental archaeology, including tours on historical grounds as well as museum education and the celebration of historical holidays, all without any esoteric tendencies.

Reports from ancient authors and those from archeology, which are available in the extensive literature on this topic, serve as sources for costume and equipment. Of course, the archaeological finds are also used as templates for the reconstructions, which are all made in-house as far as possible.